About Uchiyama Design, Inc.


We, Uchiyama Design, Inc., are specialized in Motor Yacht design & the interior architect of Hi-end Custom Motor Yacht + Production Boat, but also residential design using the unique knowledge of ship interior construction. We design the space as total design package combine with style, functional and beauty.

JAPAN (Head Office)
    Company Name : UCHIYAMA DESIGN, Incorporated
    Address :      4-13-7 Oda, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki,
               Kanagawa 210-0846 JAPAN
    President:     Yoshihiro Uchiyama
    Capital:       \10,000,000 (JPY)
    Established:    April 5th, 1975

    Certified Secondhand Dealer: Kanagawa Pref. 452500018898
    Japan Shippers & Consignees Standard Code: P001YE990000
    Interior Finish Registration: Kanagawa Pref. 36891

Taiwan Branch
商号: 日商内山設計股份有限公司  台湾分公司
Uchiyama Design, Inc. Taiwan Branch
住所: 高雄市苓雅區海邊路65號11F-5 80248
  Rm. 5, 11F, No.65, Haibian Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 80248 TAIWAN, R.O.C


We think communication is very important aspect to grasp client’s specific needs. We listen carefully and keep it straight to visualize client’s expectation. We design and create the space as the culture of modern with traditional references.

    ● Motor Yacht / Boat Design (Include Refit Design)
       Initial Design Proposal
       Conceptual Design
       Material Boards / Color Boards

       Construction Drawing Package
       [ Floor Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Elevation & Detail Drawings
                             (Millwork Design Drawings and more) ]
           Cabinetry Design
           3D Layout / Image
           Audio Visual & IT solutions
           Custom Furniture Design
           Custom Upholster Design
           Art & Accessories Arrangement

    ● Graphic Design / Web Design
       Design Original Yacht Name, Logo & Brochure
       Development Brand Identity
       Web Design & Management

    ● Import / Export
       High Quality Interior Related Material (Furniture, Fabric etc)
       Boat Equipment
       Import Boat Consultant


PRESIDENT  Yoshihiro Uchiyama
内山 義啓  Yoshihiro Uchiyama

Yoshi Uchiyama had graduated from Tokyo Designer College in interior design department in Japan. After the completion study at Tokyo Designer College, his enthusiasm for interior design made him go Seattle, USA to study at the Art Institute.

After he graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle with the associate of applied arts (AAA) in interior design, he worked for the international yacht styling and interior design company, Pokela Design in Gig Harbor, WA USA.

He had been involving with the complex mega yacht interior design, length from 80' to 120', not only in US ship yard, but Canada and Taiwan. Customer meeting, drawing, Construction meeting @ boat yard, Material research @ Design Center, Art selection etc

He went back to Japan in 2004, took over his father's company and changed company's characteristic as first Motor Yacht Design firm in Japan. He has been working for refit projects around Yokohama, developing domestic boat manufacture's production boat line, proposing new boat equipments and building up the relation with Asian boat builders. He is only at the point where is in a middle of his dream process.


    ・Alexa C2 (Nordlund) 114'
    ・Crosser (McQueen) 90'
    ・OA(Ocean Alexander)78'
    ・Queen Grace(Horizon)105'
    ・N34 Convertible(Nissan Marine)
    ・Ponam 35(Toyota Motor)
    ・N34 Convertible TypeⅡ(Nissan Marine)

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